The Space


Are you looking for studio or space hire in Maidstone? Somewhere a little different, maybe somewhere arty, but above all, somewhere affordable? Forget your town halls, church halls and community centres – We offer highly competitive prices on our space hire! The Studio is available to hire for events, video and photo-shoots; running your own workshops, holding a conference or meeting, or even to screen films. Our standard rate for studio hire is £15 an hour, but for artists looking to hire the space to run workshops, clubs or classes, we offer a deal of £8 an hour and 20% commission on takings, allowing you to trial your ideas, give your them time to grow, all in a lovely, spacious artistic setting.

We also offer free promotion as part of our package through our own social media and networks but also through our connections to local press if you want it, guaranteeing you extra exposure and interest! The studio staff have experience running and facilitating a huge variety of events and workshops in the past and so we can be flexible to suit your needs – please drop us a line to make a booking, sound out your ideas, ask us any questions or of course pop in and see us!